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Sagi Levi

*Photographer & mixed-media artist.

*Graduate of the Kiryat Ono, Photography and Digital Media College.

*Photography and Photo-Therapy teacher in special education schools for the hearing impaired, mentally impaired and youth at risk (such as: Migdalor Association, Shma Association, Amitim).

*Organizing exhibitions, fairs and cultural events coordinator.

*One of the founding members of "Ha Vaada" (The committee) group of artists.


Sagi deals with photographs that go between the abstract and the figurative, the conscious and the unconscious. In his work he embraces the complexity of the minimalism and simplicity alongside photographs that undergo a process of decomposing and recomposing, assemblages and digital manipulation sometimes using mixed-media techniques. All photographs are precisely and meticulously polished, some of them processed, always using his creative thinking and intuition.


Has presented his work in various shows such as:


*Kibbutz Galuyot - Group Exhibition U-night
*Abraham hostel - one of the initiators of the "Granny Hair" exhibition
*Gabirol Gallery - Lulipop Exhibition - Studio in cooperation with studio artists Nissan Nativ

*Art space gallery – an exhibition of DEADLINE, the exposure of the artists group

*Alfred alferd XL Gallery – collaborative Institute Alfred.

*Photo photography Tel Aviv fair 2014 

*Central Gallery – Nonplace group show

*Kibbutz Galuyot – U-Night group show

*Amalia Arbel Gallery – 100 years of Tel-Aviv art show

*Montefiore Gallery – Contemporary and Realistic Art Show

*Beit Many in Tel-Aviv – Secret Art

*Bat Yam Cultural Center – “Youth Behind the Lens” in cooperation with Migdalor Association


You can see some of his work at:

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